With our self-hosted deployment solutions, take complete control of your source code: Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center. Graduate from a single server deployment to a highly open, active-active cluster with Bitbucket Data Center as the team expands.

From teams to the most highly controlled enterprises, Bitbucket offers workflows for all. Ensure that the right people have the correct access to fine-grained authorization code, LDAP support, workflows for customised creation, and audit logs.

Set guard rails to ensure compatibility for the specific requirements of each team and release quicker, better apps. For default reviewers, merge specifications, and merge methods, attach hooks, add-ons, and customise code review rules.

Gee Software brings the right set of people, technologies and domain expertise to drive your SAP landscape transformation. From simplification-modernization of IT landscapes, sketching the perfect roadmap for adoption-migration-implementation-global roll-outs of SAP on-premise and cloud solutions to application management, support, fine-tuning, enhancements and upgrades we’ve got you covered.