Using technology to improve services for those in most need. The focus of the Suite is children and vulnerable adult protection, raising concerns in the healthcare sector and solutions for social care systems.

Nimos applications are specifically created to support the problems of public service sectors and provide various organisations, such as the NHS, safety boards and social services with direct and measurable benefits. Each solution ensures the digital and secure management of intelligence, concerns or data so it can deliver interventions and services efficiently and consistently.

The Nimos Safeguarding solution provides a means to enhance concerns about the safety and wellbeing of children or vulnerable adults across multiple organisations, including the public, business and voluntary sectors.

The concerns raised are then dealt with and addressed by the relevant professional authorities, such as the police or multi-agency safety hubs (MASHs), which enable beneficiaries to obtain better “soft intelligences” which are frequently not reported otherwise. This first digital approach allows professionals to take decisions and take action faster and to accelerate harm or abuse prevention for vulnerable people.