A series of Gee Software  to help organisations gain more out of their technology investment and Office 365 in particular. These apps are affordable additional features to enrich your end users with your technology investments as corporate application compliments to the Office365 suite.

Customer experience, loyalty and commitment improvement

Provide customers with access to relevant offers, news and products. Provide the VIP experience to customers by providing salesmen with a strong knowledge of their profile, interests and history. Built on the cloud, managers don’t have to stay behind, they connect every user with, work on mobile phones, desktops or tablets anywhere. Windows, Android, and iOS are available.

Expect customers

Customers want to be treated as individuals, expect to interact 24 hours a day with brands and to require consistent online, in-store and mobile experience.

A customer-compliant app can be found on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, which is a loyalty application, providing customers with personalized access to offers and news, as well as the capability to reward loyalty. This in turn provides a more personalized customer experience with details of buy history, customer demographics and retailers preferences

Service access 24/7
Combine channels online and in-store.
Treated as a person

What does Gee software  offer?

Akin is a transformation out-of-the-box of how your customers interact and understand. The app is designed to fit your customer experience, up to colour, brand and even an option library. You do not need an earlier start with a brand-new, amalgamative CRM solution with the application that works directly with your CRM systems. Akin offers better reporting, profiling and communications for the creation and community of your brands.