Application Maintenance and Support

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Application Maintenance and Support

Support and Maintain Your Legacy Applications

For day-to-day activities, Business are highly dependent on IT systems. As your company progresses, apps must adapt to new business scenarios. Maintenance of application and support is an important element to improve and extend the life of applications. Gee software is committed to 24 * 7 supporting and ensuring the smooth operation of your business-critical applications.

At Gees software we have the expertise and skills to make sure the applications of the customer operate effectively through competent maintenance. We analysed that maintenance of applications is an important element in productive development and business process streamlining.

Our service support and maintenance applications

  • 24 * 7 technical assistance
  • Support for application and database
  • Management of releases
  • Management of Change
  • Setup and management of problems
  • Control of Source Code
  • Management of documents and knowledge

We have demonstrated the experience of maintaining business software systems with SLA driven support. Our support practise ensures that system downtimes are reduced and that strategic initiatives are addressed by minimizing the time it takes for the routine maintenance.